Secrets to Have A Successful Dating Relationship

Successful Dating RelationshipRelationships are prone to witness many ups and downs. It is quite interesting to note that only 63% relationships turn into wonderful marriages. According to experts and love gurus, relationships should have few ingredients in order to become successful. Apart from being happy, satisfied and healthy with one another, your bond must have 8 more ingredients. In this short write up, you will get a comprehensive insight through these artifacts.

1. Enjoy One Another: You must enjoy each other’s presence. This is a very simple rule for all relationships to stand the test of time. You should talk and do interesting things together. Beatles’ Ringo Starr stated that he enjoys his wife’s presence like none other. He declares this as the secret behind his successful marriage of more than 3 decades old.

Cute Fights: You must be prepared to fight smoothly and skillfully. There is no harm in enjoying few conflicts while dating. This is because two different people are bound to have disappointments, disagreements and difference in opinions. However, most successful couples fight with lots of thought and care. A case study that was conducted

Why Every Woman Loves a Rose

Every Woman Loves a RoseIt’s natural for a man to question why women love roses. They easily wilt and die, then basically cost an arm and a leg. They are indeed trivial gifts… only if you don’t dig deeper. The truth is, women don’t judge based on physical appearances but in what is beneath the surface. A simple rose can speak to a woman’s heart. It really doesn’t matter if you bought it from a flower shop or merely plucked it from your backyard, as long as you are seriously genuine with your gift.

The saying “It’s the thought that counts” is very much true to women. Lavish gifts are nothing if you are not sincere with what you feel. Ladies love the idea that you spent cash on something ephemeral that will generate a guaranteed smile. Don’t ever think that your money is put to waste. You gave her happiness and that is something priceless.

Here’s a peek at why girls love roses.

They are the reflection of her soul

Similar to roses, women are and always

Rebound Love Is Not For the Broken Heart

Rebound LoveObliterated beyond recognition, that is the status of your heart.

You are currently broken and is in dire need of a cure. Don’t rush things, you are obviously not ready to enter into a new relationship. You will learn to move on soon, but before that happens, focus on healing yourself. You are still very vulnerable. Pretty soon, you will also become desperate. You’ll be hopeless to find a rebound love to recover from the affection you have lost.

To love another after a failed relationship is not wrong. It only becomes inappropriate when you enter into it even though you are completely aware that you have not yet moved on. This is absolutely unfair to the other person. You’ll be toying with his emotions.

Here are a few reasons why rebound love is definitely not for you.

You won’t let him love you. Being in a new relationship does not guarantee your recovery from the past. This will bring you to continue reminiscing of your Ex and worst is, you might even compare them. You will not see the current one as a ‘real’

How To Dress Perfectly on That First Date

Dealing With a Shy GuyWe all get nervous when we get asked out to a date and it’s an added bonus if we have been interested in the person for some time before that happens. As soon as we get asked out, our brain hits overdrive and we go through our entire closet in our heads, pairing things and working out an outfit depending on the time of the date.

Don’t get too nervous here are some safe bets that you can work with and look fabulous on that first date from your dress to designer jewelry and footwear. So let’s go:

1. Go Red

Red is the most opted for color when it comes to dates. Men respond well to red and are attracted to it (research proven!). So if you want to look drop dead gorgeous go for a little red dress along with your fine jewelry. It doesn’t always have to be a red dress, you can use a red skirt with a leather jacket or a red blouse but if you think red is not your color, add red to you look by

5 Tips in Dealing With a Shy Guy

Dealing With a Shy GuyGuys should pursue women. That is the natural order but what if the guy is so shy? Some women find themselves liking a shy guy and end up so frustrated because they keep waiting for him to do the first move. Dealing with a shy guy could be a challenge and you need to have the guts to make the first move, at least until he gets comfortable around you because sometimes all a guy needs is a girl who can help him overcome his shyness. Are you dealing with a shy guy? Here are some helpful tips.

Do not take his shyness personally. A guy’s shyness has nothing to do with you. A shy guy is naturally uncomfortable around women so do not think that he’s uncomfortable only with you and do not think that something is wrong with you. Shyness is just part of his nature but it has nothing to do with his feelings towards you. Dealing with a shy guy can be very difficult if you will start taking it personally and will start thinking something is wrong with you.

Relationship Mistakes Guys Make And Possible Solutions

Relationship Mistakes GuysWhen you are attracted to a lady, you should not make a fool of yourself if you are not ready for a real intimate connection. Getting involved with a lady for the wrong reasons brings disappointment, pains and unrest. You should look out for the right reasons and work on these reasons to stay in love and be happy.

Dating someone because you think she will be sexually appealing is wrong. A struggle not true to you, is wrong to be part of that struggle. Sexual act does not add value to you. It takes away your self-esteem especially when you are not true to yourself. She might look dashing, all equip for a sexual connection but it is wrong reasoning to want to tangle with her.

You should not get intimate with her because of her high social class or personality. I have observed that guys from humble background often partake in this act in order to gain some influential and financial advantages.

You should work out better ways for yourself to feel useful and not rely on other’s advantages. It makes people think

6 Tips to Make Him Chase You

Make Him Chase YouIt is not uncommon for women to chase men but still, most women want to be chased and pursued by men. So how to make him chase you?

Play hard to get. Men love to be challenged and they love the chase so play hard to get and make him chase you instead. Men value something or someone he worked hard for. Let him do what men should be doing, that is be the one who pursue women. Give him the feeling that he earned you.

Be mysterious. Spilling every detail of your life or pouring all your feelings is not very attractive to most men. Actually, this behavior could scare men especially if you just met or just started dating. Be a little mysterious and let him wonder about your life. The curiosity will make him chase you.

Always look good. Take care of your appearance. Practice good hygiene and put attention to small details like your feet and nails. Some women love to wear nice sandals and open shoes but sometimes forget to take

6 Traits Men Are Attracted To

A woman's smileThere are certain traits that attract men. Every man has their own preference, but there are general traits that make a woman attractive to most men. Here are some of the traits men are attracted to:

A woman’s smile. A smile is a universal language for being friendly and most men are attracted to women with beautiful smile. We often hear people saying “smile and the whole world will smile at you” and it is true. It is an infectious gesture and one of the traits men are attracted to.

A woman’s feminine nature. Not all women are feminine, that is why men love to see the feminine side of women because it is one of the traits men are attracted to. Aside from the long hair, smooth skin, long legs, slim body, soft voice and attractive eyes which are all physical traits, the compassionate kindhearted soul, caring and nurturing nature of women are all feminine nature that are attractive to most men. Being feminine doesn’t mean being overly shy. A feminine woman is sociable, but with good

What Women Secretly (or Openly) Love About Their Men

Love About Their MenCalm yourselves down! This is not about women being submissive nor deprecating women’s capabilities. This is you celebrating another of God’s wonderful creatures, the male species. Let’s look at some of the things we secretly or openly love about the men in our lives.

Women can depend on them

Sure, women are strong and independent and we want to be treated with equality, yet we also enjoy that we have a man we can depend on. There are those times we are clueless and scared to do things. Our men came as the ‘knight in shining armor,’ who don’t really save us, but held our hands as we go through life’s difficulties. It is okay to admit our vulnerability to the men whom we trust.


They have this innate thing of being protective of you. Can you remember the times you swoon so hard to men to take care of their sisters? You suddenly see them having children with you, right? We are completely capable of looking after ourselves that we find it sweet if others exert time and effort to show

Tips to Avoid Being Friendzoned by a Girl

FriendzonedYou wish to have a relationship with a girl you like but eventually you got friendzoned. It can be really frustrating when you are interested in a romantic relationship with a girl but eventually she wants you to just be friends. So how to avoid being friendzoned?

Be more mindful in picking your match. Being friendzoned sometimes lies on picking the wrong match. If you keep picking the girl not matched or not right for you, it is more likely that you’ll be stuck on being friendzoned. There are signs and body languages when women are interested in you. You must know how to read those signs to know if she’s into you. It is best to pick a woman who is more interested in you from the start to avoid being friendzoned.

Learn to be more attractive. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they are not attractive enough to the opposite sex. The good thing is that attractiveness is not an inborn trait, you can learn how to be more attractive physically and personality wise. By increasing the level of

Tips to Be More Approachable to Guys

Approachable to GuysTo succeed in meeting and dating men, it is important to be more approachable to guys. If men will find you hard to approach, they might just walk away even if you seem interesting. Do not let the chance of meeting someone just pass you by, here are some tips to be more approachable to men.

Dress well and always look good. Most guys can’t resist to approach women who look good. It doesn’t take long for a guy to scan the crowd in a room to recognize the woman who is worth approaching. While most women tend to fall into fashion hypes, tend to dress alike and try to look sexy, setting yourself apart from these women by learning how to dress well and create your own sense of style can help you stand out. Do not try to look sexy but focus on how to flatter your best physical features by choosing the right clothes. Remember that you don’t have to reveal too much if you do not want to send the wrong message and get the attention of men who just want a quick

Avoiding Dating Disasters The Second Time Around

Dating DisastersAfter escaping my abusive marriage, it was quite some time before I could begin to see men with any measure of objectivity, for during the craziness that came with divorcing my abuser, I arrived at the convenient conclusion that all men were scum. My new mantra was clear and simple, and it felt good to finally embrace what felt like truth.

Having two sons, though, I knew they need not be destined for such a fate, and after more than two years of intense counseling, there finally came a moment when the high stone wall of disillusionment began to weaken, giving way to the remotest possibility of genuine relationship, when a flicker of hope began to warm my wounded, distrusting heart.

But reentering the dating world is not an easy thing after coming out of a relationship based on the lowest common denominators. I was admittedly terrified at the possibility of making another life-altering mistake that would affect not only me but my children. I didn’t ever want to play the fool once again or spend even one more

5 Ways a Dating Relationship Can Cause Women Heartbreak

Dating Relationship Can Cause Women HeartbreakHeartbreak in a dating relationship can be a very painful thing.

It can cause you to act differently and it can push you to do and say things you normally wouldn’t. It can also cause you to forget and neglect the things that are most important to you, such as family, work, and ultimately your destiny.

Heartbreak can cause you to completely change, and lose hope of ever having a good relationship again.

While I think it’s important to take a break from dating if you’ve recently experienced heartbreak, I do think it’s possible to love again in the future.

I can say this with 100% confidence because I’ve had my heart broken numerous times; but when I took a break from relationships and learned to understand who I was, I found love and I have been married for over 16 years to the same man!

While we all will probably face heartbreak at some point in our lives, there are some things that you can beware of when dating. Below

Things You Should Have Said to Your Long Time Crush to Make Him Notice You

Your Long Time Crush to Make Him Notice YouCrush– a word we are all too familiar with. We all have that one (or a couple of) guy we have been attracted to the longest time. It may be because of his looks, personality or interests. Regardless, we badly want to go out with him and try to see where things are going.

But, the biggest hurdle in finding true love (or just to hangout) is that we are lost for words as we look into his beautiful eyes. Okay, maybe that is too mushy. Yet, we still fail to talk to him because we all got tongue-tied, like always. Here are some of the sure-fire things to say that will make him notice you.

“Yes, that movie freaks me out. Maybe we could watch it together!”

When you have the chance to talk about the latest movie, grab the opportunity to ask him out. Modern women are known for turning tables when it comes to relationships. So, don’t be afraid to ask your crush out with this subtle, but cool statement.

Be sure you don’t spring

Five Questions You Should Answer Before Buying Flowers For A Guy

Buying Flowers For A GuyYou have been eyeing him for as long as you can remember and daydreaming of the time that he will finally talk to you. You are so deep into the crushed whole that you decided to take the matter into your own hands. As a very a girl very sure of herself, you decided you give him flowers.

But, courage is not enough. Skill is also necessary for coming up with the best gift. Let me help you with these questions, you need to answer before getting him blooms.

1 Where can I get the flowers?

You may have an inkling of where you can find blooms– like the local market. But, you want to have access to the greatest deals, right? You should have a few flower shops in mind before you head out. This will help save time and effort. Instead of wasting your time strolling and finding, create a list of florists who can offer you the best. Ask those shopping-addict friends to go out with you to get their best advice.

2 What is the occasion?


5 Things Girls Wish To Receive From A Guy

FlowersNot all girls are vocal on the things they want. Ladies are also quite confusing since they are fond of a lot of things. Furthermore, it even gets complicated when the guy is oblivious to what she fancies. There are special days in your relationship that you simply want to make her feel special. Admit it or not, you are here because you absolutely have no idea what to give her.

Don’t worry, we are here to make your life easier. Here is the list of solutions to your problem:

1. Flowers

It has long been a tradition to give flowers to a woman. But it’s not just tradition that dictates why girls love them so much. They reflect who they are. Flowers wilt and die but their beauty is ethereal. You can get these fascinating blooms from the nearest flower shop within your vicinity or you can easily order a bouquet of flowers online and send it to her as soon as possible! Do make sure that the bouquet you’ve chosen matches her personality. It makes her feel cherished knowing that you took the time to

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Strong, Independent Woman

Independent WomanCourageous indeed, a woman who’s independent won’t demand for your love. It’s either you give it or you don’t. She doesn’t care. For her, the only man who deserves her is the one who can keep up with her pace.

She knows her value and she needs a real man who understands her worth.

Are you worthy of her time? Do you deserve her love? If you are true to your intention of loving her, you’ve got to ask yourself these questions. She doesn’t see a relationship as a game. So if you intend to fool her, stop. Don’t involve her in your games. You wouldn’t like it, because like you, she knows how to get even.

Although a lot of men find an independent woman intimidating, she is still very much lovable. The truth is, it takes a good man to understand her. Truth be told, it’s also a bit hard for her to cope up with men pursuing her. For years, she has trained herself to never rely on others. She may appear brave and egoistic outside, but deep inside she is also

Tips For Men Dating Older Women

Dating Older WomenMen prefer dating older women for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is that older women are generally more mature and save men from lots of trouble compared to when dating women their age or younger. Older women dating younger men also have their reasons for choosing them with the fact that they are fun and full of energy being among the major reasons for the women. But in as much as it might seem easy for a man to date an older woman, this kind of dating needs to be approached carefully for good dating results to be enjoyed. If you are a man planning or looking to date and the older woman, then the tips below should help you be successful in doing so.

1. Never assume that she is desperate and innocent

She may be older, but this does not in any way mean that she is desperate and will be under your control. In fact, some older women can be vicious and manage to have a number of relationships going; you need to prove your worth to make her

How To Go About Dating Over 50

Dating Over 50If you are over 50 and single, then it is most likely that you have been separated, divorced or widowed. The good news even when you are over 50 is that you still have your life ahead of you and dating is among the things that can excite and brighten your life again. Unfortunately, not all over 50 are as confident about dating again and some choose to remain single for the rest of their lives. If you are among those that still value a good relationship, then you should be prepared to go back to dating. It might mean overcoming a few challenges but when you put your heart into it, then you are bound to be a success. Below are a few steps you can use to start dating again and be a success while at it.

Decide that you are ready to date again

Have you forgotten about your ex and any past occurrences that might not be pleasant? You are as prepared to date again as you have gotten over your past. Never make the mistake of thinking that a new man

Steps To Make Your Over 50 Dating Awesome

Over 50 Dating AwesomeOnline dating sites have made it so much easier for seniors to date again. You can easily use such platforms to find potential partners you have things in common. There are so many singles out there and you need to be wise when making your decision so that you end up with the right person and in the right relationship. But even if your first trial to over 50 dating fails, you should try again until you find someone that makes you happier in more ways than one.

Step 1 Lay out your expectations

Knowing what you are looking for is very important before you even start looking for the right man or woman. As a woman over 50, a relationship that ends in marriage can be thrilling to think about, but you should remember that age might not allow you to have any children of the union. Luckily, when dating someone your age, you both probably have grown children and making babies may not be on top of your list. Just understand why you are getting into the relationship so you are able to